The Georgia Association of Broadcaster offers our Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP), which allows a three-year immunity from a walk-in FCC inspection.  Once compliance is achieved and a certificate has been issued, the FCC will not perform a random walk-in inspection of the station for three years from the date of certification.

NOTE:  Exceptions to immunity: Tower safety issues & compliant-initiated issues related to political broadcasting or public file.


  • Send completed form to
  • Once inspection request is received, GAB contacts inspector to schedule an inspection. The inspector will notify station of inspection date. GAB will notify the FCC that an inspection is pending. For a period of 150 days from the date of the agreement the station will not be subject to a random inspection.
  • The inspector completes an FCC inspection and station receives confidential reports outlining problems/violations. If issues are found, they must be corrected within 60 days of being notified. If station does not meet requirements a re-inspection will be scheduled.
  • When the inspection is complete & station passes, GAB bills station for the inspector’s expenses. If a re-inspection occurs the station is required to pay inspector’s expense for both inspections. After payment, GAB sends a signed certificate and station should displayed in entryway of station.
ABIP Request Form

ABIP Request Form

Download the ABIP-Inspection-Form here and send this to to get started!