The Georgia Association of Broadcasters’ mission is to support the local radio and television stations in Georgia. On this page, broadcasters can gain access to all of the resources that they need to run their business and support their communities.


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Resources available to our members

American communities depend on local broadcasters. The NAB is providing stations with tools to educate listeners about AM radio and give them the opportunity to make their voices heard. 

What you need to know about the legal risks associated with different types of political
advertising (including those sponsored by candidates, PACs, parties, and other groups) and how you can take to protect yourself from potential liability.

Show your support for the freedom of speech and the press by downloading and posting social media tiles and more.

TV and radio spots for stations to air throughout the year to help inform policymakers, listeners, and viewers about your vital role in their lives.

Tools and resources to help stations and journalists navigate reporting in dangerous situations.

A joint initiative to assist stations in meeting the challenges of covering stories that involve sensitive topics.

Local broadcasters are there for their communities every day, but especially in times of crisis – wherever “there” may be. As the most trusted source of news and emergency updates, Americans’ first choice is to turn to local television and radio stations to get the information they need to keep safe.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be all anyone can talk about these days. But how can broadcasters use AI in their everyday work? The NAB has a new training course to help local broadcasters stay ahead of emerging trends.