The Georgia Association of Broadcasters retains counsel in both DC and Atlanta to track ongoing developments in legislative and regulatory moves that impact our membership. GAB makes sure you know the details and potential impact of what is coming next.


We regularly rally our membership to timely grassroots campaigns designed to tell elected and regulatory officials the importance of the Georgia Broadcasting agenda.

More Resources

With the support of the National Association of Broadcasters, the GAB is able to support Georgia broadcasters with “ToolKits” that ensure they are prepared to take on the issues that are presented to them. Follow the link below for a list of all available ToolKits.

The GAB is committed to fighting for legislative and regulatory policies that support broadcasters’ commitment to serving their local communities. See the below for a list of the various issues that the GAB is combatting on behalf of the state of Georgia and the resources that are available to our members.

The updated political rate periods for the upcoming election season and the broadcasting guide from the last election cycle can be found here.

Any recorded webinars that the GAB has offered can be found here.