On June 11th #BroadcastGood

On June 11th #BroadcastGood


On June 11th 2019, the GAB in partnership with the NAB is asking all TV and radio stations across the nation to once again #BroadcastGood and tell our stories over the airways as well as every other distribution platform. Ideas as simple as a Public Service Announcement, to as complex as a major fundraising program, need to be shared. If your news team has broken an important story, warned against the recent tropical storm or otherwise served your audience, please share it with the NAB and the GAB.

Last year’s initiative was extremely successful with over 60 social media posts from stations highlighting their community service.

A message from GAB President, Bob Houghton, “The GAB also urges you to share this message with your local elected officials and with your members of Congress. For some time now we have been reminding our members of the importance of If broadcasters don’t tell their stories themselves, then who will? Even worse, misconceptions regarding our present and long- term relevance will continue to fill social media and the perception of many, specifically people under 35.  So often we take for granted what we do on a daily basis to serve our communities. Rarely do we stop to think about what we do before, during and after emergencies affect our viewers and listeners. We need to “brag” about our stations and our industry, and about the small contributions and life-saving efforts we make for our communities.”

If your station would rather the GAB post for you, you may email all submissions to: mlewis@gab.org. Be sure to remember to use the #BroadcastGood and tag the GAB in all your posts so that we can share your good work! 

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