GAB Membership means that you are an important part of a community of broadcasters, representing an industry that we love and one that we will band together to defend from regulatory over-reach and unreasonable competitive pressure from outside industries. 

Membership Levels

The GAB has six different membership categories available if you are interested in engaging in the world of broadcast.

Station Membership

The Georgia Association of Broadcasters’ primary cause is to represent the interests of radio and TV stations throughout the state of Georgia. The GAB is a legal advocate for the interest of broadcasters on a state and national level. We also offer an expansive list of member services, opportunities, and events. In lieu of dues, we ask our member stations to clear inventory each month for the airing of Public Education Partnership (PEP) spots.

Station Membership Packets
Download for Radio
Download for TV

Associate Partnership

Associate Partnership membership is available for non-broadcasters to be a part of GAB. Our partners will be the first to know about any news in Georgia broadcasting. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and our web page. We are your go to resource for any information you need to know about the industry. Associate members will use our social media outlets, website and weekly n-newsletter to stay in the loop on broadcast news, legal updates, as well as GAB services and events. Dues are $2500.

Associate Membership

Associate Members are corporate associate members who would like visibility in the broadcasting industry. They receive all of the benefits of an associate partner.

Individual Membership

Legal Counsel- GAB, through its Georgia and Washington D.C. attorneys members with information pertaining to FCC regulatory requirements, FCC issues, and policy-making, and legislative issues on both the state and national levels. All members have access to GAB’s communication counsel.

Legislative Support- GAB works closely with its own lobbyists at the Georgia State Capitol and with the National Association of Broadcasters in Washington D.C. to effectively communicate the importance of broadcasting issues to our elected officials.

Training and Development- GAB provides several training resources for its members in the form of webinars, guest speakers, and exclusive access to Local Broadcast Sales.

Digital Media- GAB keeps our members informed on key issues, FCC requirements and information through our weekly online newsletter and timely alerts via social media. Members will also gain access to GAB Press News service, which allows broadcasters to receive statewide press releases on relevant issues.

Access to all GAB Events: