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WABE’s PM News Editor is responsible for the afternoon and overnight production of radio content and selected online content as needed. This includes getting the afternoon newscasts on the air, editing stories, leaving completed news items for the AM newscasts, overseeing the overnight rundown completed by the PM Producer and communicating instructions for work in progress and possible next-day assignments for the morning crew.

The Editor works under the supervision of the Managing Editor and in collaboration with the Senior Editor to manage the day-to-day coverage of news. The Editor has responsibility and understanding of news planning, reporting, editing, and production. The Editor helps maintain ethical, editorial, and stylistic standards established by the Managing Editor and WABE’s award-winning, ambitious newsroom.

The Evening News Editor is an important part of the WABE News Team. The position sets the trend and standards for the station’s news broadcasts. They must be engaging and energetic. The position also requires building trust with our award-winning reporters, producers and hosts. They must also understand the importance of speed with accuracy for our newscasts as well as thinking creatively to make our scripts active and present. They must also be willing to accept feedback as well as give constructive criticism to the WABE News Team.

This editor must have flexibility in scheduling and could be asked to work nights.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Takes hand-off from assigning editor (Managing Editor or Senior Editor) and manages afternoon and overnight news desk.
  • Keeps tabs of wires and media outlets for late-breaking news.
  • Writes and reports stories as needed for evening or next-day’s ME newscasts
  • Oversees content for the afternoon and evening team (ATC Host and PM Producer), including scheduling stories for newscasts, setting reporter deadlines and coordinating with producers and anchors on story selection and newscast lineup.
  • Adjusts assignments and makes new assignments when necessary to reflect changes in news planning and news developments during the daily news cycle and to assure there is adequate material for AM newscasts.
  • Alerts relevant departments of changes to newscast schedules as requested by Managing Editor. This includes but is not limited to Program Director, Operations, and Marketing.
  • Edits daily scripts and audio for Morning Edition and All Things Considered, as well as other programs and departments as requested.
  • Edits text for the web as requested.
  • Finalizes daily production of all radio content; oversees the creation of the overnight handoff note by PM Producer for start of next day’s news cycle, and sends out relevant communications to internal and outside parties as needed.
  • Gathers tape, books interviews and conducts interviews for his/her original reporting as well as other booking interviews for others original reporting or two way interviews featured in Morning Edition and All Things Considered.
  • Conducts and oversees research for story assignment, development and production.
  • Works well with Managing Editor and Senior Editor
  • Runs the newsroom in the evening, pushing for deadlines to be met, stories to be filed and other duties to maintain the high standards of live radio.
  • Posts WABE news podcast and/or works with ATC Producer/ATC Host to post the daily podcast.
  • Fill in for the Senior Editor and Managing Editor as needed.
  • Assumes other duties as assigned.

Credentials/Education Required:

  • Five years broadcast editing production on radio news desk or equivalent news operation experience.
  • B.A. degree in journalism, broadcast, mass communications or comparable media curriculum.

Knowledge/Experience Required:

  • Excellent writing and editing and organization skills.
  • Excellent knowledge of sound editing and radio production techniques.
  • Excellent news judgment.
  • Excellent organizational skills to work in a multi-platform news operation.
  • Ability to edit in a variety of publishing platforms and mediums (radio, web, mobile, photography, video)
  • Thorough knowledge of journalistic principles, ethics and standards.
  • Strong communications skills.
  • Strong reporting skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to work well with both veteran and new reporters.
  • Ability to work under deadline pressures.
  • Work with Managing Editor and Senior Editor to determine and execute newsroom goals through coverage streams, reporter beat systems, feature stories, and daily newscast content.
  • Work with reporters to develop daily stories, edit scripts, and integrate audio to enhance storytelling quality and consistency.
  • Generate original ideas, and think creatively about how to communicate them to audiences.
  • Develop individual staff through team building and mentorship. Inspire ambition and appropriate risk-taking. Serve as a coach and develop talent in others.
  • Participate in editorial and planning meetings with reporters and editors as needed.
  • Collaborate with digital, television, and podcast departments to enhance cross-platform content.
  • Work calmly under pressure, react quickly, and meet tight deadlines. Able to lead with confidence and decisiveness.
  • Encourage frank and constructive reviews of news content, and deliver employee performance reviews.
  • Help to populate and maintain the editorial planning calendar.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Minimum five years professional journalism experience, with management experience preferred.
  • A four-year degree or equivalent experience.
  • Experience as a reporter, producer, or editor as well as knowledge of digital and social media.
  • Ability to do one’s own reporting when necessary.
  • Familiarity with public radio programming is required. Previous public radio experience strongly desired.
  • A broad knowledge of local, regional, and national issues pertinent to Atlanta audiences.
  • Demonstrated experience and ability to make solid news judgments and adhere to a high level of editorial standards and practices.
  • Capability to write in clear, concise, and contextual manner – and to mentor others in broadcast writing.
  • Willingness to work in a collegial and respectful manner to enhance a team-based atmosphere, utilizing effective communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Working knowledge of a range of significant regional and state-wide public affairs subjects such as government and politics, the economy, education, health, immigration, legal affairs, the environment, transportation, and the arts preferred.
  • Experience working in a demographically diverse news environment strongly desired.
  • Experience in building news teams and news operations a plus.
  • Language skills a plus.
  • Working knowledge of a range of significant public affairs issues and subjects such as government and politics, the economy, education, health, immigration, legal affairs, the environment and cultural community life.
  • Experience working in a demographically diverse news environment strongly desired.
  • Experience in blogging or other multimedia online news writing and content presentation management is a plus
  • Initiative to meet daily deadlines, edit and manage breaking news, and deal effectively with many tasks at once.
  • Ability and willingness to work varied shifts as needed, including weekends.

Submit resume and cover letter to:

Public Broadcasting Atlanta

Attention: Human Resources

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Fax: 678-553-3026

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