Engineer Job Posting (1)


Electronics Maintenance Engineer, University of Georgia


Minimum Qualifications:

Requires technical knowledge in the field acquired through an apprenticeship, a 2-year degree, or professional certificate. Please contact your Human Resources office for an evaluation of education/experience in lieu of the required minimum qualifications.


Preferred Qualifications

Position Summary: Experienced engineer who will work under the supervision of the Facilities Manager to provide technical and operational support for the college’s production facilities. The engineer will be responsible for the installation, maintenance and repair of the college’s production and related post-production equipment.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and/or Competencies:

  • Experience in broadcast operations or engineering, including installation and maintenance of automation and live studio equipment.
  • Education in electronics or radio/TV engineering.
  • Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) certification as a Certified Audio Engineer (CEA) or Certified Video Engineer (CEV).
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to communicate complex technical details to diverse stakeholders within an educational setting.
  • Strong computer skills, including use of programs to create technical diagrams.
  • Strong time management skills with ability to meet deadlines while maintaining attention to technical details.
  • Ability to quickly diagnose and repair technical faults.
  • Experience working in blended SDI/NDI production environments.
  • Experience working with Newtek, Blackmagic Designs, AJA, and LiveU production equipment.
  • Strong understanding of electrical, IT networking, mechanical and structural concepts and engineering methods.

Physical Demands:

  • Sitting, standing, lifting up to 50 pounds, squatting, climbing, crawling.
  • Lift and carry audio/video/computer equipment weighing up to 50 lbs.
  • Stack and organize equipment on shelves and racks in studio/newsroom and equipment storage areas.
  • Climb ladders to install or perform maintenance on production equipment including – but not limited to – light panels, jibs, cameras and monitors.
  • Crawl behind studio sets, computer desks and other equipment to perform testing or maintenance.
  • Descend ladder into basement corridors underneath TV studio/newsroom to inspect and trace cabling and wiring.
  • Bend, stoop and kneel frequently while working in tightly enclosed spaces where equipment and cabling/wiring are installed.
  • Inspect and operate electrical equipment, some of which can reach high temperatures and produce risk of electrical shock


  • Provide technical and operational support for production and post-production equipment within the college’s TV studios, control rooms and other production spaces. Overall responsibility for the maintenance and operation of audio/video equipment, computer workstations and servers in the broadcast facilities. Maintain infrastructure including routers, cables, frame syncs, signal converters, distribution amplifiers, satellite receivers, intercoms/IFB, etc. Handle HD-SDI and NDI video installations, video production switchers and audio mixers, and studio lighting.
  • Provide technical support for live and recorded broadcast, cable and streaming productions. Set up and assist in pre-production testing of equipment in TV studio, newsroom and other production labs. Maintain major content delivery networks (CDNs) and online video providers (OVPs) for video streaming. Instruct, as needed, students, faculty and staff in the use of production equipment.
  • Ensure that production equipment meets professional standards. Schedule on a regular basis for equipment to be inspected and cleaned, checked for industry standard audio and video levels and for proper alignment and setup. Maintain engineering manuals and instruction manuals for equipment and facilities. Trace, verify and diagram signal paths and assemble them in a suitable binder for future reference. Create and maintain documentation of equipment with model numbers and serial numbers. Assist with yearly inventory scanning.
  • Design and diagram plans for the installation of new broadcast equipment. Work closely with I.T. staff on the installation of new computer hardware and software in broadcast facilities. Perform upgrades to existing equipment. Modify or upgrade older equipment to meet changing production needs.
  • Maintain an inventory of parts and supplies and testing equipment to facilitate quick and effective operation of the engineering section. Organize and maintain the engineering office and storage areas.
  • Plan, delegate or effect repairs on equipment reported as a problem by students, faculty and staff.
  • Assist in the opening and lockup of the facility
  • Other duties as assigned. Some night and weekend shifts may be involved.

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