GAB Now Offering Group Benefits

GAB Now Offering Group Benefits


For those of you who missed GABCON 2018, we are delighted to share the opportunity of offering group benefits as a whole to members of the Georgia Association of Broadcasters.  In addition to offering basic products (medical, dental, & vision), we will offer voluntary life insurance, short term disability, critical illness, accident and cancer coverage. 

-This plan will allow employees of GAB member stations with 2-50 qualified employees to participate and is designed to provide excellent health insurance to everyone in the group without the unstable, rapidly-rising premiums businesses have experienced in recent years. 

-The plan will also allow part time employees, working less than 30 hours a week who are currently not eligible for their employer’s health plan, to receive benefits.  Must be a W-2 employee.    

If you are interested in allowing your employees to participate in the group benefits program, please complete this FORM (to include employee email addresses) so we can load them into the online system.  Be sure to list your company name, (call letters) company address, tax ID#, company contact number and email address.  It will take 72 hours to set up the BEACON system with the employee data.  On November 15th, a link will be sent out to all employees with instructions on how to complete their online enrollment and view costs associated with the plans.  At this point, they can choose to elect or waive any coverages offered.