The GAB Innovation Fellows program pairs a UGA journalism student with a Georgia broadcaster to accomplish specific digital goals — providing a rich learning experience for both members of the partnership for the benefit of local radio and television stations as they diversify their strategies for reaching audiences through digital.


Students with digital expertise work on products or strategies for approximately four hours per week, typically remotely, during the fall or spring semester, under the direction of station leadership and Dr. Amanda Bright, director of the Cox Institute Journalism Innovation Lab at UGA. Projects can include social media strategies, new digital products, website revisioning, audience research and growth, graphic template creation, or whatever the station needs to be successful on digital platforms.


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“The GAB fellowship was one of my first professional experiences in journalism outside of the classroom. I was honored to have been given so much trust to run the social media accounts for My Country 99.3, which served as a foundation for my more extensive knowledge of social media strategy that I now use every day.” 

Ashley Balsavias, GAB Innovation Fellow with Habersham Broadcasting, My Country 99.3

Key Advantages of the Program
  • TV and radio stations gain an outside perspective on their strategies and products.
  • New ideas that staff don’t have time for can be executed by an Innovation Fellow.
  • Fellows bring the perspective of a younger audience member into their work.
  • Fresh ideas are gained through the research and development of new digital elements.
  • Younger journalists are exposed to the power and purpose of local news.

“We really liked being able to have the outside research that backed up what we were already theorizing. It allowed us to say “okay- we were right, lets implement some best practices now.”

Katherine Wideman (News Director) WSAV Savannah

FAQ's About the Program

Do I need to have specific digital goals in mind to have a GAB Innovation Fellow?

Answer: Not at all. The fellow can work on tasks you proscribe or they can do research and strategize what might best engage your audience on digital products.

Do I need to fill a fellow’s work hours with tasks and manage them?

Answer: Definitely not. The GAB Innovation Fellows are self-starters. They will create a plan of action, approved by you and Dr. Bright, and then execute that plan. You can decide how often they check in with you and through what means. Dr. Bright will make sure they are working through their plan and using their time well.

What if I don’t know much about digital platforms or technologies?

Answer: Don’t worry because that’s the fellow’s job to know about the tools and then help you and your staff learn. These fellows are trained and equipped to not only understand the technologies but also create guides and walkthroughs that will help you and your staff use them appropriately and practically when the fellowship is complete.

Do I need to pay for or make physical space for the innovation fellow?

Answer: No to both. Most fellows work completely remotely, with emails, Zoom calls, or phone conversations as periodic check-ins with you and your team. Their pay comes from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters, and your work with them is funded through the GAB.

Can I apply to have a fellow twice?

Answer: Yes! As a benefit of GAB membership, we are very interested in creating long-term relationships with stations to continue to work toward digital goals and keep your station on the edge of new innovations in news products and strategies.