Are you interested in having your organization’s message aired over Georgia’s television and radio stations? Become one of our GAB public education partners!

Here’s how it works:

  • Non-profit and government agencies sponsor public education messages, PSA’s.
  • PSA’s can be produced with the help of the GAB team or produced in house by each organization.
  • The GAB then distributes the PSA’s to every GAB member station.
  • Broadcasters donate airtime to the campaigns and send reporting affidavits to the GAB.
  • The GAB also uses monitoring services to track each campaign.
  • The GAB then compiles and summarizes each report and provides that summary to our partners on a quarterly basis.
  • PSA partners receive documented airtime across the state proving statewide coverage of important messages that might otherwise go unseen or unheard.
  • The GAB also provides other benefits to our PSA partners such as media tours to conduct interviews with some of our amazing stations.

Contact Allison Fulton for more details. 

Here’s some examples of what we can do for you:

TV Examples