Ask Your Congressman to #SupportLocalRadio

Ask Your Congressman to #SupportLocalRadio

Before I go into detail, here is my urgent request:

Please contact your congressman and ask them to #SupportLocalRadio and add their voice to the Local Radio Freedom Act (HR 17 and SR 4).

Here’s why:

For more than 80 years, radio stations and the recording industry have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship: free airplay for free promotion. And it works. It’s a relationship that has sustained businesses on both sides and launched the careers of countless performers.

In fact, radio’s free promotion translates to as much as $2.4 billion annually in music sales for record labels and artists. And this doesn’t even include the enormous revenues they receive from concerts, merchandising, endorsements and licensing.

Why am I sharing this with you today? Quite simply, local radio is under attack.

In recent years, the record labels have found themselves struggling to adapt to the digital age. In this economic environment, the recording industry has pushed for legislation that would impose a performance fee on radio stations simply for airing and promoting artists’ music.

This legislation could financially cripple local radio stations, reduce the variety of music radio stations play, and stifle new artists trying to start their careers. It could especially affect small stations, including minority-owned stations, causing them to switch to a talk-only format or shut down entirely.

Thus far, the record labels’ efforts have fallen flat, with hundreds of members of Congress supporting a resolution opposing a performance tax – the Local Radio Freedom Act. Congressmen Sanford Bishop and David Scott have already added their voice to this resolution, but that just isn’t enough. We’re asking Georgia broadcasters, and all those who love local radio to reach out to their congressman via Twitter, e-mail or phone and ask them to #SupportLocalRadio. For more information about this important issue, please visit As always, your support of the GAB and the Georgia broadcasting industry is greatly appreciated.


Bob Houghton