The GAB - The Nation’s First State Broadcast Association

The Georgia Association of Broadcasters (GAB) was founded in Savannah, Georgia by William T. Knight in July of 1934. The GAB was founded as a trade association to represent the interests of Georgia’s over-the-air radio and television licensees. Today, our membership is comprised of more than 500 radio and television broadcasters who reach more than 95% of Georgia’s population every week. The GAB offices are located in the North Atlanta area, but our membership covers all 159 counties in the state.

The GAB provides technical, regulatory, and advocacy support to our members as well as offering continuing professional enrichment opportunities designed to keep Georgia broadcasters at the forefront of the industry.

TV and radio stations become members of the GAB by clearing our client’s public service announcements. Our clients are non-profits and state agencies throughout the state that represent the interests of the public. The GAB’s business model is designed to allow our members to benefit from our services without requiring dues. To learn more about our public service project, visit the Public Education Partnership (PEP) page.