2019 National EAS Test

2019 National EAS Test

The FCC has extended the deadline for ETRS Form One.

FEMA has announced that the 2019 National Periodic Test (NPT) will issued Wednesday, August 7 at 2:20 PM EDT (18:20 GMT). The alternate date is Wednesday, August 21, 2019.  

The Bureau also announced that the EAS Test Reporting System (ETRS) is open and accepting 2019 filings.  All EAS Participants are required to do the following:

  • On or before July 3, 2019, all EAS Participants—including Low Power FM stations, Class D non-commercial educational FM stations, and EAS Participants that are silent pursuant to Special Temporary Authority—must renew their identifying information in ETRS Form One unless they fall under one of the following exceptions:
    • Analog and digital low power television stations that operate as television broadcast translator stations are not required to register and file in ETRS.
    • FM broadcast booster stations and FM translator stations which entirely rebroadcast the programming of other local FM broadcast stations are not required to register and file in ETRS.
    • Analog and digital broadcast stations that operate as satellites or repeaters of a hub station and rebroadcast 100 percent of the programming of the hub station are not required to register and file in ETRS; however, the hub station (or common studio or control point) is required to register and file in ETRS.

Each EAS Participant should file a separate copy of Form One for each of its EAS decoders, EAS encoders, or units combining such decoder and encoder functions.  For example, if an individual is filing for a broadcaster (or cable headend) that uses two units combining decoder and encoder functions, that individual should file two copies of Form One.

  • On or before 11:59 p.m. EDT, August 7, 2019, EAS Participants must file the “day of test” information sought by ETRS Form Two. 
  • On or before September 23, 2019, EAS Participants must file the detailed post-test data sought by ETRS Form Three.

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