2019 RAB Management Webinars

2019 RAB Management Webinars

2019 Management Webinars

Wednesday, January 30 at Noon CST

Thriving In the New Media & Marketing Eco System – Guest: Jack Myers – MediaVillage Marketing budgets have been relatively flat for two decades. Organizations that effectively adapt and communicate in the new marketing eco system grow. Those that do not, consolidate/contract or collapse. In this webinar you’ll learn how to help your business thrive.

Wednesday, March 6 at Noon CST

Managing Up, Down, and Sideways – Guest: Hartley Adkins — iHeartMedia Employees revere leaders who communicate in a clear vision and motivate them to achieve the goals of the individual, and the organization. The challenge for middle managers is you have to manage multiple levels. This webinar will give you tools and resources to help you develop the trust to manage peers and your bosses.

Wednesday, May 22 at Noon CST

How to Build a Superstar Seller in 90 Days – Guest: Neal Gladner – US Stations They passed all the tests, sailed through your interviewing process and now they are on your team. You’ve hired the perfect candidate. While some may feel the hard work is over, this is actually when the real work begins. In this webinar you will learn best practices for helping an outstanding candidate transition to a top performing seller.

Wednesday, July 24 at Noon CST

Thinking and Budgeting Like an Owner – Guest: Media Financial Management What are the most critical strategies when preparing a budget? How can your budget help you meet your strategic goals? Budgets should be ambitious but realistic, they must align with the organization’s overall strategic priorities, and they have to be approved. In this webinar you’ll uncover the tools to help you better manage and budget the business side of broadcasting.

Wednesday, September 18 at Noon CST

Secrets to Hiring and Maintaining a Multi-Generational Sales Team – Guest: TBD Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Z, Millennials. Each generation requires different management strategies, and at the same time you want the identical outcome: Successful, happy, productive, and profitable teams. In this webinar you will understand the challenges and opportunities of managing multiple generations and maximizing satisfaction, productivity and profitability.

Wednesday, November 20 at Noon CST

Good Cop/Bad Cop: What Works When – Guest: TBD Coach, leader, manager, or the heavy, what works best? In this webinar you’ll be able to identify your management style, and learn the flexibility of choosing a management style that best fits the situation and the outcome you are trying to achieve.


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