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Rest In Peace, Herb Emory


Atlanta Radio Icon Herb Emory passed away Saturday April 12, suffering a heart attack after stopping to help motorists involved in an accident not far from his Douglasville home.  Emory has been a daily presence to many people in the Metro Atlanta area for decades as a traffic reporter.  He has been WSB Radio’s lead traffic reporter since 1991.  Additionally he hosted a longtime NASCAR talk show on WSB.  He was a 2008 inductee into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame  He devoted his name and his voice to countless charitable fundraisers in the community over the years, and was in person the same he was on the air–a nice man that anyone would want to sit and talk with for a while.

GAB joins thousands of loyal listeners today in mourning his passing. story about Herb Emory here.

WXIA story about Herb Emory visitation here.

GAB Member Stations Support Annual Congressman David Scott Job Fair

GAB President Bob Houghton and Rep David Scott at Job Fair 3/28/14

GAB and Atlanta-area broadcasters did well and did good at Congressman David Scott’s March 28 Job Fair in College Park.

Over 10,000 people met with over 100 employers who were looking to fillnearly 5,000 positions. For eleven years Congressman Scott has hosted this event. This year the HomeSafe Georgia Program was present to introduce its newly revised program. As of February 1 mortgage requirements have been amended, total dollars increased, and longer terms have been added to this program that provides mortgage support to people trapped on the economic margins by a tough job market.

Georgia Broadcasters played a prominent role before, during and after the event. Prior to the event the broadcast companies: Cox, Radio One, CBS Radio, Atlanta Public Broadcasting, Meredeth and Fox all ran promotional announcements for the Job Fair. Several stations held live remotes during the fair and nearly every station did follow up reporting after the job fair.

GAB thanks our Atlanta members who supported this event and thanks Congressman Scott for this important outreach to the Atlanta community.

Summary of FCC action on TV JSAs SSAs and Media Ownership

Latest FCC debrief from GAB Washington, DC Counsel David O’Connor of Wikinson Barker Knauer

By a partisan vote of 3-2, the Democrat-led FCC today adopted restrictions on joint sales agreements (“JSAs”) between TV licensees in the same local market.  The new rule, to take effect two years after the effective date of the agency’s order, limits joint sales by the brokering station to 15% or less of the brokered station’s advertising time.  Joint sales in excess of 15% of advertising time will trigger ownership attribution of the brokered station to the brokering station – and in most cases result in violation of the local TV ownership cap.


The JSA decision is part of a larger media ownership document that includes both a Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“FNPRM”) and a new Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“NPRM”) (collectively the “Notice”).  The Notice calls for comment on a plethora of related issues, including:


  • The scope of existing shared services agreements (“SSAs”) and what elements may warrant future regulation;
  • All five rules addressed in the still unfinished 2010 Quadrennial Review of existing broadcast regulations, which now are subject to the statutorily required 2014 Quadrennial Review as well; and

·         The FCC’s authority to adopt race- and gender-based media ownership rules.

SB381: Georgia First Informers Broadcast Act Passes

March 18, 2014

Today is an important day for Georgia Broadcasters: SB381, The Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act has passed through the Georgia Legislature and is headed for the Governor’s Office for signing into law.

The purpose of the bill is to officially designate Georgia’s Broadcasters First Informers. Countless natural disasters and emergencies have proven this to be the case- it is in times of need communities look towards broadcasters more than ever.

We owe a special thanks to our membership and friends who helped us during this process. This bill couldn’t have been so successful without to commitment of broadcasters Joseph Brannan, Scott Smith, Jim Wilcox and Matt Santini. Countless numbers of letters were sent from our members to their legislation- this has truly been a coming together of broadcasters in the state.

We are also grateful to Senator Brandon Beach, Senator Cecil Stanton, Senator John Albers, and Representative Alex Atwood for sponsoring the bill.

It’s a great day to be a Georgia broadcaster!

David Scott’s Annual Job Fair: Register Today!

March 7, 2014

What: Congressman David Scott’s 11th Annual 13th Congressional District Jobs Fair
When: Friday, March 28, 2014, 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Where: Georgia International Convention Center
2000 Convention Center Concourse | College Park, GA 30337

In the Georgia Association of Broadcasters continued partnership with the Office of Congressman David Scott, we will again take registration for their 11th Annual 13th Congressional District Job Fair.

This year the job fair is partnering with “HomeSafe Georgia and key banks to deliver mortgage aid and foreclosure prevention resources to homeowners facing unemployment or underemployment while they seek new work. HomeSafe counselors and bank representatives will be available on site to provide direct counseling.”

To register please fill out David Scott Job Fair Registration Form and return in to GAB by mail or email it to You can pay by check or credit card 770-395-7200.

SB381 Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act Passes Senate

March 3, 2014
SB381 vote.  Photo credit Joseph Brannan.SB381 vote. Photo credit Joseph Brannan.

Thanks to all of our members who reached out to their state senators recommending their vote in favor of SB381, the Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act(GFIBA).

The bill passed in the Georgia Senate today by a 41-11 margin.

Once the bill has been forwarded to the specific House Committee we will be in touch to ask your help in recommending this bill to the appropriate committee members.  The bill will need to be voted out of committee and onto the House floor over the last nine days of the session.   With your continued support, GAB is on the way to passing an important protection to your operations during times of severe weather or emergency.  Thank you.

SB381 Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act Goes To Floor Monday March 3

February 28, 2014

The GAB asks for your immediate support and requests you contact your local state senators urging their affirmative vote for SB 381 The Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act. Similar bills have passed or are pending in twelve states. The bill was approved by a strong majority in committee earlier this week and will be voted on Monday March 3, the 30th day of the session and the last day that a bill can “crossover” to be voted on this year. If you have a personal relationship with other senators we urge you to reach out to them as well.

A letter that explains the bill is attached for you to use for your correspondence with your senators. 

If you visit this page and click on the name of the senator you would like to email, there is a “reveal senator’s email” link on the right hand side. If you click that link, you are able to submit a letter.

This is the first bill the GAB has originated in many years we ask for your help to ensure passage.

SB381 Update

February 25, 2014

The Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act (GFIBA), Senate Bill 381, successfully passed through committee today. We are very pleased, and want to thank our members and the board for their support. The next step in the process is for the Senate to hold a vote March 3. Please email or call your local Senator and ask them to support broadcasters in their role as first informers.

UGA Job Fair

March 5, 2014

In GAB’s continued partnership with UGA’s Grady School, we are hosting our annual job fair March 5th from 2 pm to 4 pm in Foley Rotunda, the Zell B. Miler Learning Center. We invite your station to join us this year as a co-sponsor. Your co-sponsorship grants you a table at the event to meet the future of broadcasting! To register, please email 2014 UGA Job Fair App to We can take payment over the phone or by check.

We encourage you to attend our GAB Institute while you are in Athens. Please see our list of events below, including the student mentoring sessions.

Urge Your Legislators To Support SB381, Georgia First Informer Broadcasters Act

February 16, 2014

A message from GAB President Bob Houghton–

I am pleased to announce that the Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act (GFIBA) is now known as Senate Bill 381.

The object of the bill is to ensure that all critical station personnel are credentialed to allow access to station studios, transmitter and antennae sites. A second goal is to ensure that critical items such as fuel for generators and repair parts are allowed to reach their intended destination and will not be confiscated as was the case for broadcasters in other states during Hurricane Katrina.

Finally this bill recognizes the critical role broadcasters play in times of local, regional, and state emergencies. A draft copy of the bill is attached to this message.

This bill must go through committee review and be voted on prior to day 30 of the legislative session, March 3, 2014. We need the help of all Georgia Broadcasters.

Please send a message to your local state senator asking them for a positive vote for the Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act (GFIBA), Senate Bill 381 (click here for contact information).The six senators on the Veterans, Military and Homeland Security Committee are especially critical to this process. If they are in your coverage area or you know them for other reasons please reach out to them immediately:


Ed Harbison, Chairman
Hunter Hill, Vice Chairman
Mike Dugan, Secretary
Gail Davenport, Member
Emanuel Jones, Member
Bruce Thompson,Member

Also a special thank you to Bill Sponsor Senator Brandon Beach, and co-signers  Senator John Albers and fellow broadcaster Senator Cecil Stanton.

If you have any questions about the Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act (GFIBA), Senate Bill 381, please contact me at GAB offices at 770-395-7200.

GAB Institute Coming March 4-5 @ UGA. We Need YOU!

February 10, 2014
The GAB Broadcast Institute returns to the University of Georgia in Athens March 4-5 with a compelling program and many opportunities to mingle with your fellow broadcasters and the next generation of broadcasters at UGA.
We’re less than a month out, and now is the time to make your plans to be in Athens as we welcome our new Hall of Fame inductees and hear from industry leaders.  As always, the GAB Institute will feature a Job Fair that will allow your business to meet and mingle with potential new candidates.

Call Frances Williamson today at GAB at 770-395-7200 to register or to ask any questions you might have.  GAB needs YOU in Athens March 4-5!

Tuesday, March 4th

Connected Car/How Audio Will Be Used In The Future Town Hall Meeting

Tuesday, March 4th

1:30pm-4 pm

Grady College, Drewry Library

Di Gamma Kappa Reception and Dinner 

Tuesday, March 4th

6:30pm-7:00pm (reception), 7:00 pm-10:30 pm (dinner)

Georgia Center for Continuing Education’s Magnolia Ballroom

Guest Speaker: Steven R. Koonin, President, Turner Entertainment Networks


Wednesday, March 5th

Breakfast with Counsel

Wednesday, March 5th

8:00am-9:30am Breakfast with Counsel

Georgia Center for Continuing Education’s Magnolia Ballroom

Student Mentoring Sessions

Wednesday, March 5th


Georgia Center for Continuing Education’s rooms F&G

Hall of Fame Luncheon

Wednesday, March 5th


Georgia Center for Continuing Education’s Magnolia Ballroom

2014 Inductees: Paul Beliveau, Bill Cathcart, John Pruitt

Keynote Speaker: Kelly Cole, EVP Government Relations, NAB

Job Fair 

Wednesday, March 5th

2pm-4pm in Foley Rotunda, Zell B. Miller Learning Center

Ticket Costs:

Job Fair Table Sponsorship ($150 per table)

General Admission Ticket ($100ea)

This packaged ticket includes Town Hall Meeting, Breakfast with Council, Student Mentoring Sessions, Hall of Fame, and the Di Gamma Kappa Dinner.

Institute Registration: ($50ea)

Includes Town Hall Meeting, Breakfast with Council and Student Mentoring Sessions

Hall of Fame Luncheon ($40ea)
Di Gamma Kappa Reception Dinner Ticket: ($50ea)

Attendees can reserve a room at the Georgia Center for Continuing Education on campus for $109 per night by calling 800-884-1381 and giving them the code #83762. We recommend reserving rooms as soon as possible, as space is limited.

To complete your registration mail a check to GAB at 8046 Roswell Road Ste. 100A Atlanta, Ga 30350 or call Frances at 770-395-7200 to use a credit card. Please specify the names of attendees per event.


February 5, 2014

GEMA will issue an IPAWS test today to confirm its ability to send a wireless emergency alert utilizing EMnet based on the Governor’s recent instruction to put that capability in place.

Assuming that your system is set correctly, it should not affect your broadcasting and you should take no action.

If you are to experience any interference, your chief engineer should check your equipment.


February 4, 2014

Law enforcement and other first responder agencies have long worked hand-in-hand with local broadcasters during emergencies. There is no more important responsibility for a local broadcaster than to be the source for accurate information for the community in times of crisis. The Georgia Association of Broadcasters with the assistance of McKenna Long Aldridge and Brock Clay is seeking legislation to recognize the important role broadcasters play in times of crisis.  This proposed legislation is entitled the Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act(GFIBA).  Primarily the GFIBA will allow broadcasters access to their studios, towers and transmitter sites during emergencies and ensure that valuable supplies and equipment needed to stay on the air will not be confiscated unnecessarily.

GFIBA will not make any substantive changes to existing law or emergency procedures nor will it affect the working relationships that exist between local broadcasters and local first responders.

GFIBA grants certified broadcasters access to disaster-affected areas for the purpose of providing emergency related information to the citizens of Georgia. GFIBA will NOT offer unfettered access for the purpose of reporting on the story and will not be granted if such access is deemed unsafe for the broadcaster or in ANY way inhibits emergency or disaster recovery services being provided by federal, state or local first responders.

GFIBA WILL grant certified broadcasters  access to emergency equipment and supplies necessary to continue broadcasting critical information. Specifically this means fuel to power generators, and equipment or supplies needed to restore or repair broadcast facilities.

The GFIBA is modeled after existing laws in Nevada and Illinois and presently being considered in Alabama, Arizona, New Jersey, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia and several other states.

Georgia Broadcaster Call To Action/We are asking all Georgia Broadcasters to:

Reach out to local state representatives to inform them about the GFIBA and the importance of the act for their stations

Reach out to local state senators to inform them about GFIBA and the importance of the act for their stations

Reach out to local first responders and seek their support for this bill and ask them to contact state representatives and senators to confirm the important role local broadcasters have in times of emergencies. (first responders include but are not limited too police, fire, EMS, sheriff, and emergency management agencies.


In 1994 Southwest Georgia was hit by a 500 Year Flood as Tropical Storm Alberto stalled out over the area.  Local broadcasters were recognized for the life-saving service they provided to their community. First Responders used the airwaves to share accurate timely information including the re-routing of roads and highways during evacuation.

In 1997 the same area was hit by an EF 3 tornado. Local broadcasters warned people of the pending danger and lives were saved.

Local First Responders knew their local broadcasters in both events but as the crisis continued Crisis Managers arrived from Federal and Regional locations. These Crisis Managers are brought in for specific expertise that does include local knowledge of first informers.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, WALB TV in Albany attempted to assist a co-owned station in Mississippi. A satellite news truck and important back up equipment was denied entrance to the area by emergency officials. Fuel designated for emergency generators at the station and the tower site was confiscated.

October 2012 during Superstorm Sandy, radio and television broadcasts were the main source of emergency information throughout the Northeast at a time when cell towers and web servers ended up underwater and without power.

Following the January 2013 tornado in Adairsville, Georgia Broadcaster and Cartersville Mayor Matt Santini observed first-hand the difficulty Crisis Managers have in identifying local broadcasters. He realized at that moment that a broadcast certification similar to GFIBA is necessary for both the broadcaster and the first responder trying to do their jobs.

The Georgia First Informer Broadcast Act is currently awaiting designation in the Georgia House and Senate.   The 2014 state legislative session is expected to move quickly with members spending more time at the Capitol and less time at home. We need for you to communicate with your local members expressing your support for GFIBA.  This is especially important if you enjoy a relationship with them. Reach out voice your support if you see them at home. Continue to maintain your relationships with first responders and ask for their support as well.  GAB will be in touch with you in a timely manner as this legislative effort on behalf of all of you reaches the finish line.

Thank you for the important role you play in serving your communities, saving property and most important lives.

Lanny Finch Retires From GAB. No, Really.

January 16, 2014

L-R Mike McDougald, Matt Santini, Gene McHugh, Randy Gravely, Lee Burger, Lanny Finch, Frances Williamson, Bob Houghton, Lauralyn Mustaki, Joe Thibadeaux

L-R Mike McDougald, Matt Santini, Gene McHugh, Randy Gravely, Lee Burger, Lanny Finch, Frances Williamson, Bob Houghton, Lauralyn Mustaki, Joe Thibadeaux

Lanny Finch retired from GAB at the end of 2013, marking decades of good work on behalf of Georgia broadcasters.  His steadfast work on every aspect of GAB and our outreach cannot be over-estimated.  For those who know him as a colleague he is a font of soft-voiced common sense, keeping his head when all around him are losing theirs.

Broadcasters and former and current GAB board members and staffers gathered January 7 to honor Lanny with a luncheon filled with stories, many of  them true.  Take all the time you need, Lanny and Myra.  Broadcasters have certainly benefitted from it up to now.

If you would like to make a donation to the E. Lanier Finch GAB Scholarship Fund in honor of Lanny’s retirement, contact Frances at GAB at 770-395-7200.

Good News From Georgia Broadcasters WKEU Griffin Boosts Education

January 6, 2014

120713WKEU Ronnie Lowe accepts Beacon Award for Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor of Radio Station WKEU was honored with a Beacon Award by the Georgia School Boards Association for his exceptional work in the field of education reporting. The station was recognized at the Georgia School Boards Association/Georgia School Superintendents Association Annual Conference held in Atlanta on December 6 – 7, 2013. Ronnie Lowe Senior Sales Manager of WKEU accepted the award on behalf of the station and Taylor.

The GSBA Beacon Award is given annually to media organizations or individual reporters or editors who have shown a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty to report educational issues to their communities.

The Griffin-Spalding County Board of Education nominated Taylor for the award because of the dedication he has shown to his profession and to providing citizens with thorough and accurate information about the school system.

Education Beat Reporters To Hit GPEE Media Symposium @ GPB Friday January 10


Courtesy of GPEE Communications Director Bill Maddox:

The Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education’s 8th Annual Media Symposium for education reporters/editors will be held Friday, January 10, at Georgia Public Broadcasting in Atlanta.  There is no charge for this day-long event that will begin at 9:30 a.m. and conclude before 3 p.m.

The session will open with the formal release of the Georgia Partnership’s Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2014 report that identifies the key education issues that will confront the state in the new year.  The publication not only IDs those topics but analyzes them, then suggests “Next Steps for Georgia.”  It has become a standard resource item for journalists, legislators, educators, business and civic leaders since it was first published in 2005.

Attendees will also hear from a variety of subject matter experts who will address such topics as funding, education policy, the Common Core State Standards, early education and what is ahead in the 2014 legislative session.  All presentations are on the record and participants will have the opportunity to ask questions.

The Georgia Partnership requests RSVPs as soon as possible for adequate planning.  Lunch will be provided.  Drop Communications Director Bill Maddox an e-mail ( or call him at 404-223-2464 to reserve a seat or if you need more details.

Here is a link to Part I of the 2013 session (  This will give you a feel for the event.

Reporters and education policy stakeholders will leave the session well-informed and with ready-made stories as well as new contacts and ideas for future education coverage.

Good News From Georgia Broadcasters WSB Clark Howard Christmas Kids

December 24, 2013

From WSB Radio Group Manager of Programming Operations and Community Affairs Condace Pressley comes word of Good News From Georgia Broadcasters in and around Atlanta–

Santa will make Christmas merry and bright for thousands of Georgia children in foster care with help from Clark Howard and listeners to News/Talk WSB.

Clark Howard’s Christmas Kids collected gifts over six days at six Wal-Mart locations across metro Atlanta.  The campaign, a partnership between WSB and the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services Secret Santa program is in its 23rd year.

Sen. Johnny Isakson, WSB TV Anchor John Bachman and Clark HowardSen. Johnny Isakson, WSB TV Anchor John Bachman and Clark Howard

Children in foster care create their own wish lists for Santa which DFCS then brings to each Wal-Mart store.  Listeners choose a child identified by first name, age and gender and shop to make those Christmas wishes come true.

Clark Howard, Georgia’s Consumer Advocate and host on WSB, broadcast live from each store along with special guest co-hosts who this year included Monica Pearson and Captain Herb Emory and other personalities from WSB and Channel 2 Action News.

Nearly 5,000 children will receive at least two presents each.  After the toys and bicycles are collected at each Wal-Mart store, everything goes to a warehouse to be sorted and distributed to DFCS coordinators in 125 counties across Georgia.

GAB wants to hear your good news.  Let us know what you’re doing in your community.

Good News From Georgia Broadcasters 11 Alive WXIA Holiday Can A Thon

December 23, 2013

From Robbin Steed and Amy Holloway at WXIA comes the following good news from Georgia Broadcasters–

Atlanta, GA–For more than two decades, 11Alive and our partners, Publix Super Markets, Inc. and The Salvation Army have  raised more than one million cans of food to help feed our friends and neighbors in need during the holiday season. This year, the need is greater than ever.  Today’s uncertain economy is forcing entire families to turn to The Salvation Army for help, many for the very first time. But through your generous support of the 31st annual 11Alive Holiday Can-a-Thon, all will find the help and support they need to feed themselves and their loved ones.

The 31st annual 11Alive Holiday Can-a-Thon officially kicks off in November and throughout the month, schools and organizations from all over the state will conduct food drives.  Then, on Friday, December 6, 2011, we joined together as a community to feed Georgia’s hungry families and wrap up the Can-a-Thon in a big way! This featured live music and local radio talent at all four convenient drop-off  locations:  KICKS at The School  Box-South Gwinnett (3885 Venture Drive, Duluth), Q100 at The School Box Town Center, Kennesaw (425 E. Barrett Parkway), V103 at Turner Field and Q102: The Rebel and South 107 at The Forum in Rome (301 Tribune Street).  And all your favorite on-air 11Alive personalities were on hand to personally greet and thank viewers as they dropped off donations.

GAB Wants to hear your good news!  Send us press releases and photos of your community events to today.

Georgia Radio Hall of Fame To Place Paul Drew Archives at Georgia State University

December 9, 2013

GAB has received word from John Long at The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame as follows:

The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame has received a donation of files from the Estate of
Paul Drew. Cataloguing and inventorying is being done and then they will be
placed in The Popular Music and Culture Collection, within the Georgia State
University Special Collections and Archives. Future researchers will have access to
files and photographs pertaining to Drew’s tenure at WGST, WAKE, WQXI,
CKLW, WIBG, KFRC, KHJ, RKO Radio, and Radio Marti as well as his own
companies. Material and photographs pertaining to Georgia radio have begun to
appear in the ATLANTA sub section under the GEORGIA STATIONS tab at

The Georgia Radio Hall of Fame would like to acknowledge Ann
Drew for facilitating this contribution to Georgia radio and radio industry history.
I have enclosed one example of the documents; a list of the salaries of staff of the
program department at KHJ believed to be from 1972-1973. The process of
organizing these files is fascinating and informative; much never known publicly.
Paul Drew passed away on May 16, 2013.

For more information you can reach the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame by clicking here.

Good News From Georgia Broadcasters: WSAV Shredding Event Establishes New Record For Destroying Documents

December 2, 2013
WSAV Meteorologist Kris Allred Greets Participant In WSAV Shredding Event 11/14/13WSAV Meteorologist Kris Allred Greets Participant At WSAV Shredding Event 11/14/13

(Savannah, Ga.) Saturday November 14, WSAV held its “Identity Safe Recycling Day” in three locations — Savannah and Statesboro, Georgia and Bluffton, South Carolina. By the end of the day, viewers dropped off more than 1,100 car loads –containing 54,500 lbs of documents (the equivalent weight of TWO DUMPTRUCKS) and 823 computers & peripherals.  That’s an all time record for the station holding its 18th such event.  The paper was shredded and recycled by Cintas Document Management and the computers were electronically wiped clean and recycled and/or resold by Goodwill.

In addition, the sites served as an unofficial kick-off and collection point for WSAV’s Holiday Hope campaign.  Holiday Hope is a toy drive benefitting underprivileged families through the management of The Salvation Army and Bluffton Self-Help.  The public responded as by donating more than fifteen hundred dollars.

wsav logo

Since WSAV launched “Identity Safe Recycling Day” in 2005, nearly 266 tons of documents have been collected, shredded and recycled and more than 5,000 computers have been wiped clean and redistributed.

“People are still really concerned about identity theft – 27 tons of paper proves it!” said WSAV General Manager Deb Thompson.  “Our Identity Safe Recycling Day is a convenient way to eliminate items that could be disastrous to our viewers if they fell into the wrong hands.  Offering this service to our communities and the involvement of the WSAV staff and News team is another way we demonstrate our commitment to being ON YOUR SIDE.”

The steady climb in participation is proving that “Identity Safe Recycling Day” is more popular than ever with residents of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina.  It’s a valuable On Your Side service WSAV offers twice each year.

GAB Blogs Offer Additional Information

Your GAB Membership also allows you to interact with us on a variety of topics of interest to broadcasters around the state.

GAB’s Legislative and Advocacy blog features posts from our various lobbying and advocacy friends and partners including the Georgia Partnership for Excellence In Education/GPEE.  You can check out GAB Legislative and Advocacy by clicking here.

Ask GAB Counsel includes latest correspondence from GAB DC and Atlanta Counsel, as well as answers to member questions.  Check out Ask GAB Counsel by clicking here.

Ask The Chief features useful information from GAB’s Broadcast Engineering experts, including your questions about the nuts, bolts and chips of broadcasting in Georgia.  Click here for Ask The Chief.

These are just a few of the resources available to GAB Members each and every day.  Post a question back to us today on the blogs and we’ll get an expert answer to your question.

Upcoming Deadlines:

Ownership Reports:

By December 2: All commercial radio and TV stations, including Low Power TV and Class A TV stations, must electronically file an FCC Form 323 ownership report.  The report must reflect ownership interests as of October 1, 2013.

Annual EEO Public File Reports:

BY December 2: EEO public file reports must be placed in the station public files and posted on the websites must place an EEO public file report.  TV stations should manually upload a copy of their report to the station’s online public file.  The EEO public file report is not required to be in any particular format, but it must demonstrate that the station: (1) recruited for all full-time (30 or more hours per week) vacancies,

including showing recruitment sources and referrals and (2) participated in employment outreach activities of at least the minimum required. The report should cover the period from approximately December 1, 2012 to approximately November 30, 2013.  Employment units that employ fewer than 5 full-time employees are not required to prepare EEO public file reports.  Such stations should consider placing a notation in their public inspection files to that effect.

FCC Form 317 DTV Report:

BY December 2:  All commercial digital TV licensees (including LPTVs) must file the annual FCC Form 317 ancillary/supplementary services report.  Stations must remit to the FCC 5% of gross revenues derived from such ancillary services, if any. The report must be filed even if no ancillary services were provided in the prior year.

Adverse Findings:

By December 2: Broadcast stations in Georgia must report to the FCC any “adverse finding” or “adverse action” taken by any court or administrative body against the licensee or holding company of the station(s) or its investors. Such adverse decisions or findings include any conduct that would be relevant to the qualifications of a person or company to be a broadcast licensee or control a broadcast license, including: (a) fraudulent misrepresentations to governmental agencies (including but not limited to the FCC), (b) criminal misconduct involving false statements or dishonesty, (c) broadcast-related antitrust violations, (d) felony convictions and (e) misdemeanor convictions involving fraud or dishonesty.  The FCC only requires licensees to report actions that are considered legally “final.”  An adverse action is not considered final until it is fully adjudicated by the governmental agency or court at issue without the right to further appeal. The adverse findings report should address all adverse findings from December 1, 2012 until December 2, 2013. No action is required if a station has not had any adverse findings or adverse actions taken against it during this time period.

Former GAB Board Member Chris Wegmann Named Radio One President

October 28, 2013

RADIO ONE LOGOCongratulations to former GAB Board Member Chris Wegmann, named Radio One President for Radio:

Radio One has promoted regional vice president Chris Wegmann to president of the company’s radio division. He’ll report to Alfred Liggins, who remains CEO. Wegmann has been at Radio One since March 2009. “Chris is a seasoned radio broadcaster with a track record of excellence in managing teams and delivering revenue and cash-flow growth during his 35 year career in broadcasting and we are fortunate to be able to have someone with his expertise fill such a critical role,” Liggins said in a statement announcing the promotion.


Georgia Radio Hall of Fame 2013 Inductees

October 21, 2013

grhofLogoGAB congratulates and acknowledges the broadcasters inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame at their 7th annual ceremony Saturday night in Marietta.  Congratulations also to John Long and others who have made this annual, ongoing recognition of radio into something special.

2013 Career Achievement Inductees:

Tom and Paul Collins (WQXI-Atlanta)

Steve Goss (WABE-Atlanta)

Charlie Hill (WVMG-Cochran)

Kaedy Kiley (WRVR-Atlanta)

Kelly McCoy (WSB-FM-Atlanta)

Nelle Reagan (WRGA-Rome)

Bill Rice (WLET-Toccoa)

Mike Roberts (WQMJ-Macon)

Mark Summers (WSLT-Augusta)

2013 Legacy Inductees:

Palmira Braswell (WBML-Macon)

George Crumbley (WSB-Atlanta)

Jimmy Dunaway (WSB-Atlanta)

Al Evans, Jr. (WVLD-Valdosta)

John Holliman (WSB-Atlanta)

Don Kordecki (WKRW-Cartersville)

Royal Marshall (WCNN-Atlanta)

Leonard Postero (WRFC-Athens)

Annie Lee Small (WYTH-Madison)

Legendary WERD DJ James “Alley Pat” Patrick was honored as the recipient of the 2013 Founders and Directors Award.

The Elmo Ellis Spirit Award recognized James Woodruff, Jr. of WRBL /Columbus.






GAB always wants to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a line here or call our North Atlanta office at 770-395-7200.

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