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GAB Membership means that you are an important part of a community of broadcasters, representing an industry that we love and one that we will band together to defend from regulatory over-reach and unreasonable competitive pressure from outside industries.  As a GAB Member Station, you have access to all of the professional services GAB offers.  GAB Members fulfill their end of the membership by participating in GAB initiatives and events, and by airing GAB Public Education Program(PEP) spots on their air.  GAB–Supporting Georgia Broadcasters since 1934.

GAB PEP Radio/Television Insertion Orders for April 2014

April Radio Insertion Order

April TV Insertion Order

Download GAB/PEP Radio Spots Here. 


Your GAB Membership Entitles You To Free Sales Training Modules From Local Broadcast Sales


Local Broadcast Sales provides real-world, actionable sales modules, short videos that can help jump-start your sales efforts whether you are a veteran or a newbie.  You can access Local Broadcast Sales as part of your GAB Membership free of charge.

You and each member of your sales staff can create their own account NOW by contacting GAB for an access code and submitting it to the link below:

Once you submit your access code, you’ll be asked to create your own username and password.  Then you and your staff can log in and replenish your mental ammunition for the sales battle ahead.

GAB Membership–working for Georgia Broadcasters

Keep The FCC From Your Door With ABIP

GAB’s ABIP Program can give you a three year period of immunity from a walk in inspection by the FCC. ABIP stands for Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program.  GAB Members in good standing can have a complete FCC-grade inspection of your broadcast facility for a minor cost, certainly small compared to the cost of fine or forfeiture.  If you would like to learn more about how ABIP can provide you with regulatory peace of mind, contact GAB Program Administrator Kathy Haugen at 770-395-7200.  Or, you can download an information sheet and application here.

What is your broadcast license worth?







GAB always wants to hear from you. Feel free to drop us a line here or call our North Atlanta office at 770-395-7200.

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